Internship - DevOps Dashboard Developer

Job Summary

Quantum Surgical is looking for a qualified MSc student to work as an intern with the Engineering Team on exciting projects.

Our ambition is to develop a new generation of robotic & software platform to help physicians delivering advanced treatment to cure a broad spectrum of medical conditions. At the frontier of medical imaging & robotics, our field reveals tremendously exciting and demands innovation.

Key Responsibilities

  • Build-up a database which organizes the information coming from continuous integration
  • Build web-based Dashboard based on this database to visualize quality metrics, progress of development
  • Implement scripts refreshing this dashboard regularly and / or on request

Experiences and Qualifications

  • MSc student in Software Engineering, Machine Learning or Computer Vision
  • Good programming skills in one or more programming languages
  • A passion for developing technologies, frameworks
  • Ability to perform fast prototyping and thinking outside the box to solve practical problems
  • Good communication skills
  • Self-motivated, self-disciplined and ability to work independently

Desired Experience

  • Knowledge and/or experience in Continuous Integration
  • Proficiency with Jenkins / Python script languages and basic web technologies to produce quick prototype and high-quality code
  • Familiarity with medical software development standards